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Technology and Education

Technology is changing so fast in today's world that it's hard to keep pace with the constant upgrades and new software. Combine that with the work load that educators already have and you have an issue that needs to be dealt with.

Educators and administrators simply do not have adequate time to devote numerous hours each week to constantly learning advanced software while keeping up with upgrades from existing software. Many school systems purchase software and don't even have time to fully implement it due to the existing workload of their technical staff, which often serve as technicians in addition to their normal teaching duties.

That's where SchoolPad.net comes in.


SchoolPad.net offers a solution that not only addresses the issues at hand, but also offers an added advantage of making information accessible by teachers ANYWHERE they may be while ensuring that the information is secure and private.

The goal of our staff is to create a solution that is always improving and expanding and that will ultimately save teachers and administrators time while also creating added advantages and benefits (such as the ability to easily share information between teachers and principals). WE WELCOME YOUR INPUT and constructive criticism. Many of the improvements in our program to date are a direct result of constructive feedback from teachers and principals of school systems using our service. 

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The New Lesson Plan Module Is Now Available!!!
Click here for more information.

"Thank you so much. I am extremely pleased with your professionalism in regard to responding to questions."
spacer - Marie Briggs
MacIntyre Park Middle School
Thomasville, GA
"We are very pleased with the time your staff devoted to us. You didn't make us feel rushed at any point. We are very pleased with your professionalism and patience and would highly recommend the SchoolPad.net program to anyone."
spacer - Mrs. Eva Robinson (Principal)
Sherwood Elementary
Albany, GA
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Better Way
Becoming a SchoolPad.net "Partner School" means more than just receiving our services. It also means that you have someone to talk to - a real person. That's right, we don't hide behind an obscure email address or a web site that doesn't list a phone number. We're accessible and eager to assist you although you normally won't need much assistance once your account is set up.

Modules include:

  • Individual Teacher Home Pages (new)
  • Individual Teacher Homework Pages (new)
  • Individual Teacher Contact Page (with form submission) (new)
  • Calendar of Events (including an Extra Curricular calendar)
  • News and Events
  • Awards
  • Password Protected Lesson Plans (in development)

Want to know what you get? Take a look at what you have access to as a SchoolPad Partner...

Services include:

  • Automatic inclusion on our tightly guarded SchoolPad Partner Mailing List. This mailing list keeps you informed of updates and notices related to the SchoolPad program. You may also email questions concerning use of the program.
  • Our long-awaited user manuals. These manuals explain in step-by-step detail how to use every feature of every module included in the program for the School Administrators and the Teachers. You will be provided with one complete printed User Manual with your paid Partnership and will also be given access to a downloadable copy of the School Administrator User Manual as well as the Teacher User Manual in Adobe PDF format or MS Word format, whichever you prefer.
  • Technical assistance at your fingertips. Our staff is always available to assist you whenever needed by email, phone, or even in person when required. Click here to contact us.


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